Historic publications written by or featuring the retender team

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Actuaries Digital March 2019

Excerpt: ‘Community standards and expectations’ … the idea is that financial service companies (including insurers) need to align their business model with what consumers expect and not just the letter of the law.

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Investment Magazine December 2018

Discusses areas for the industry to self regulate in the wake of the Protecting Your Super (PYS) legislation changes.

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ASFA Superfunds magazine July 2018

It’s a simple message that asks, as Trustees of Superfunds, how can you test the upcoming member pricing changes with maximum competition, independence and transparency?

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The Future of Life Insurance - Actuaries Institute

Excerpt: '...It’s easy to call for consumer change but affordability will be affected by the cost of these reforms and needs to be factored into the decision. In support of this debate, a clear understanding on where that balance lies and how it can best be maintained should be investigated.'

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Life (insurance) without the banks - Money Management

Excerpt: '...the predictions of those making up that committee...are proving to have been quite prescient'

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Complaints about bad coffee - ASFA

Excerpt: 'Getting on the front foot by focusing on proactive activities for the 97.5% of superfund members'

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Under the Spotlight - Actuaries Digital

Excerpt: 'Why I’m proud to be an actuary. This is an easy one. I get to work with people smarter than me, no task is ever the same, I’m talking to colleagues every day about difficult challenges and creative solutions and I’m part of a profession that has a phenomenal brand in the community even though no-one knows what we actually do. And I get to have fun doing what I enjoy.'

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Dr Seuss on Life Insurance

Excerpt: 'From the reinsurance side, ... the average number of local reinsurer participants (call this a ‘Capacity Index’) has gone from 1.4 in 2013/2014 to 1.7 in 2015/2016. We are also seeing capacity coming in further through offshore reinsurers (with some challenges around the ability to conduct business locally) and local insurers have at times even participated as reinsurers.

Are we there yet.png

Are we there yet? The group risk market 2 years on... - Actuaries Institute

Excerpt: 'The authors concluded that potentially the most significant barrier to change is the misalignment between the manufacturers (both insurers and reinsurers) and the consumers (ultimately the member but represented by the trustees).'

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Life Insurers in 2015 are obsolete - Actuaries Institute

Excerpt: 'Competitiveness is going to be driven by how quickly you can learn and disrupt your own business model.'


Never smile at a crocodile - Actuaries Institute

Excerpt: 'Peter Pan, for those of us who remember or have watched the movie with our kids, opens with the line: “All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again"'


Longevity: A reinsurer's perspective - Actuaries Institute

Excerpt: 'Overall, the increased focus on how the insurance industry can develop post retirement solutions is a key goal of this report'

* With thanks to any previous employers, particularly Swiss Re and Pacific Life Re, along with various co-authors, for reproduction of any historical publications involving the current retender team