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Excerpt…’As a principle, buyers of risk need to maximise their exposure to competitive tension…’


retender is a specialist firm, set up to help Insurers and Superannuation Funds with advisory, brokerage and administration of their insurance risk pools.

With experience from a number of global markets, an innovative business model and a passion to help the industry optimise risk, retender is focused on helping remove inefficiencies and support the industry's aim to put more money back into the pockets of consumers.

Some of the areas we’ve been recently engaged to support Superannuation Funds, Insurers and other Financial Service entities include:

  • Running reinsurance tenders including developing strategy, risk assessment, models and processes to support the member best interests test

  • Group Insurance benefit redesign in the context of Protecting Your Super and ISWG changes

  • Helping Insurers to quantify the impact of the Protecting Your Super changes

  • Data Quality Assurance - standardising, validating, and cleansing of data

  • Reviewing of reinsurance strategy

  • Reviewing of sustainability of insurance proposition

  • Sourcing of reinsurance to support acquisitions

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The majority of the cost of insurance comes from the risk and yet we spend most of our time optimising the expense and profit portions.

Insurance tenders are expensive, time intensive and in the last few years have led to sub-optimal price outcomes for consumers. More than $100 million* is not being passed onto consumers through these structural inefficiencies.

There is a simpler alternative.

* retender estimate

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